July 27, 2008

Joe's Birthday Fun

Well, as you all know, I have been putting photo videos on here for each of the kid's birthdays. Since I didn't have enough pictures of Joe, this is what I did for him.

July 23, 2008

The Lord is Over All

What a roller coaster couple of weeks! I have been a ball of stress, sorrow and joy. Let me expound apon that!

1st, the sorrow......

On Tuesday, the 8th of July, my good friend, Christina 'Chree' Farnsworth Mourant died of a blood clot to the heart. I found out on Thursday night after a long day of work! At first I was in shock, but by bed time, when I still had not said anything to Joe, he asked me if I would like to talk about it, and out it came.....emotion more than I have felt in years. Chree was the kind of friend that always lifted me up, never pulled me down. She made me feel so beautiful and intelligent! High School was a hard time for me, as it is for a lot of people, but when ever Chree was around it was easy. I never had to try with her. She had such an amazing spirit, and her life and example saved me many times!

I had to be the strong friend, letting my good friend Sarah call me day after day sobbing. She made me cry over and over....Joe says, "Thanks, Sarah." Her funeral was on Tuesday the 15th. Joe and Katie went with me. We sat in our own little row, and after Katie woke up from her nap, she was mad!! Joe took her out, and BLAM-O, I was ALL ALONE! I could not handle my emotions, it was too hard without Joe's arm to cry on, so I left. I felt like a chump, but it was a HARD funeral.

Next the Stress..... On Thursday the 17th, I got into a heated argument with a member of the Malibu staff. I am the assistant manager there, and I caught her doing something that could potentially get the clinic in trouble with the FDA. I called her on it, and within seconds it was on. I was trying to be a proffessional and asked her politely to settle down or she would be dismissed, she got all up in my face and said I had no authority. Well, minutes later after the heated conversation, she was walking out and threatening to take our NP with her, since they are chums. I followed her outside to tell her to calm down, she called me nasty names, screamed terrible things and got in her car. I went inside and sobbed uncontrolably. My sister-in-law conforted me. We took a huge step closer because of that fight. Thanks Kris, I love you!
Last, the joy!
I found out that my little sister and her family are moving to the valley! They might actually move to my town. I am soooo excited! I love my little sis so much. She has always been my best friend. Even when we were kids, we never really fought. We were always together and loved every minute of it. Now, her daughter, Jules and Katie can grow up together like we did. It is going to be so great. I miss her so much. I feel I should say sorry to friends in advance, when she finally gets here, I might neglect you all for a while. I'm sure you all understand, because you are all so great.
To end, I just want to say, that through all my pain this last few weeks, I have felt the power of the Lord so strong. His spirit has led me and strengthened me. I have found greater joy in being a wife, mother, sister and daughter. My relationships with EVERY member of my family have grown and continue to grow. I am grateful for all the love they all give me and how they have provided me with comfort and encouragment. I love you all.
On a funnier note, Maggie cracks me up. She took this video of my lovely mother-in-law making breakfast for the girls at my house one morning. Janet is a good cook, at her house,on gas, but I don't think she new how my stove cooked, the result....black pan-cakes. But it's the thought that counts, right. Enjoy this, but know.....I am not making fun, I am simply enjoying my Maggie's tact!

July 12, 2008

Out of Stress-NO-Stress Me Out

So, if you have been reading like a good friend, you will already know that Katie broke my camera on Emily's birthday! It was sucky, but there was a waranty, so we got it fixed.....we thought! We finally recieved it back, just in time for the 4th, I was soooo happy! We took it with us to our friends house, and about 2 shots in, the camera started acting funny again, not focusing, not even taking pictures sometimes, it was definetlty NOT fixed. So, we took it back to have them fix it again. While I was there talking to the sales mangers, I just lost it. I started crying and was really emotional. I guess sometimes being emotional pays off, because they swapped me right then and there for a BRAND NEW camera! I was sooo grateful that we had purchased the waranty! Best Buy rocks! However, when we got home, I put my huge zoom lens on my new camera to go try it out, and BLAM_O! The problem was not the camera, it was the lens! They don't waranty a lens, so we had to go buy a new one! $200 later, and a $60 charge for a new service plan for the camera, and we are finally back in business. I definetly learned my lesson....never leave expencive things lying around for little fingers to get a hold of! Avery tired but happy Lacey! Here are some updated pictures of Lilli's scar. Her knee is NOT dislocated, but she does have a hair-line fracture at the top of the bone where the knee cap covers. She can't do any jumping for another 2 weeks! Poor girl! Can you see the stiches scares? Pretty cool, eh? I ove my camera. Fianlly, the last update I want to share...Katie is almost walking. She can push the baby doll stroller around without falling, she is very steady, but take the help away, and she cowers! Not ready yet, but close!

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th

So, many of you know, I have gone to work at Malibu Medical, our Family-owned weight-loss clinic. I have been VERY tired, and never have time for anything. I still have time to document our little families growth though! Thank Goodness!!
Katie turned 1! That was fun. We celebrated on the 4th, she only had a short nap that day, so by the time we took pictures of the present opening, she was tired. After another short nap, we let her eat her cake, YUMMY! She did enjoy that.
The 4th was celebrated with Joe's family at a friends house for a pool party. That was fun, and we actually got some free swimmimg lessons that day from Amy, an actual swimming teacher, she has incited the girls back for more free lessons starting next week.....SCORE! We went home and went to bed that night. Too much sun I guess.
On the 5th we got out the sparklers and pop=its and had some fun in the front yard. It was totally worht it to me to stretch it out over 2 days...I am just so gang tired! Here are some great shots we got!Emily having fun in the water.
Maggie CHEESE! The best cheese around.
Katie gets a Sock Monkey from Daddy.....LOVE IT!!
Chocolate cup-cake, my favorite!
Emily, experiencing her 1st sparkler on the 4th. she liked it even though it was still light out when we did them.
Joe, Lilli and Maggie doing sparklers on the 5th.

July 2, 2008

Maggie Lost a Tooth

So, it isn't a new thing to have Maggie loose a tooth. She has lost 2 already, and she warned me a few days ago that both her top teeth were loose. I knew it would be soon, like weeks, because they weren't crazy loose.
So here's the story, what I know at least.

Maggie came to my work on Tuesday. I said she could come for the afternoon. She has been missing me a lot since I have gone to work for Janet this summer. Well, she burst into the office, and starts screeching, "Mommy, Mommy!" If any of you know Maggie, you know that she is a drama queen and very loud about even the simplest things. I thought she was just excited to see me, but then I see what she is showing me....The HUGE hole in her mouth! It looked like it had been bleeding, I knew something must have happened.
"What happened?" I asked, very perplexed. "Lilli elbowed me!" She seemed very easy going about it, and almost pleased with herself. Waht happened was, Lilli was holding the door closed at the Library so that her little cousin, Annabelle wouldn't escape while they were checking out their books, when Maggie decided she wanted to get going before the rest of the group. Maggie likes to be a pill, to push the limits. Lilli is more of a straight arrow, seldom a rule breaker, especially if it's a 'Grandma Rule'. Lilli wouldn't budge. Maggie fought her. Then...POW, an elbow to the face, and POP a tooth in Maggie's cheek.
She is indeed pleased. She didn't cry with the blood, she simply took joy in knowing the Tooth Fariy would bring her MONEY!! Crazy girl!
By the way, SHE wanted me to do this post, I think she wants lots of comments, so feel free to leave her one, even if you don't have a google account, it will still work.......DRAMA