September 28, 2009

Women's Fitness Walk

What do you CELEBRATE?!
  • A warm walk!! NO RAIN!!
  • Strong Children, who DID whine, but minimally!
  • A strong body! I wish I could have run!
  • My Mother-in-law didn't have to quit, she PUSHED HARD, even though her hip and knee were giving out the whole time!
  • A wonderful friend, who let me borrow this great double stroller!! Thanks, Carlie!
  • The holy Spirit guiding me.....I'll explain.
After we were finished with the walk, and done with our "breakfast" in the park. We all went to line up in the stroller line. As we were waiting in the line, which was hidden behind another line, Janet said, "Are we missing someone?" My heart started going a million beats per minute!
"MAGGIE! Where is Maggie?!" I SCREAMED, "MAGGIE!!!". I heard the spirit tell me go back to where we were picnicking. I saw her, running FRANTICALLY back and froth, like a dog in a kennel, looking for me! I screamed again, "MAGGIE!". She saw me, and we RAN to each other, faster than we had run before! I held her in my arm and we cried and cried! I was so scared, but no scoldings were given! I just held her and told her over and over again how much I loved her!
Maybe that's how our Father in Heaven feels when we get LOST, and we are frantically looking for Him. When we finally find Him, he doesn't scold, he just fills us with his love!
I am grateful that the Lord Loves ME! I am grateful that He gave me a glimpse of how much He loves me, through my feelings of Love for My Lost Child!
He Loves Us! No Matter where we are, and wants us to enfold us in his loving arms!
Find Him TODAY, and get your HUG!

September 24, 2009

Rewards for Good Work

So, my kids have been a bit lazy lately about their homework.
I hope I am not alone in my frustration.
I tried talking to them, and explaining how a job well done fills you with satisfaction.
Also, their teachers would be so pleased with them and that in return would help them feel good about themselves.
I guess my kids already have enough confidence. Because that DIDN'T work.
So here's what I came up with.
In Lilli's class this year they are being rewarded and punished through simple punch cards. Good punch cards for turning in their homework and things of that nature, and bad punch cards for when they are rude in class, or turn in homework late.
This is highly effective for Lilli, and she even stresses out about the bad punches. Every week she beams with pride when she has a "no holes" bad punch card to show me.
That's what I'll do!
I sat down and created these simple Business card style punch cards.
Every time the kids bring home a good grade, or a paper with good comments on it from their teacher, they get a punch.
AR test, also, which is a very difficult thing for my kids. They love to read, but don't want to test on the books. When they take an AR test, they get a punch, if it's a 100% test, they get another.
After filling this 20 punch card, they get a special.
Last card, I took them out for ice cream.
It works great for me!So, if you want to try it, click on the card of your choice below, and drag onto your computer! Print it in an un-cropped 2x3 format(that gives you 9), on card stock paper, and let the smart out of your kid!

September 22, 2009

Lilli- Soccer Time Again

Lilli is still loving the postition of Keeper. But, luckily, this year there is another girl who also loves Keeper! Lilli gets Defender time as well. This makes us all happy!

Has she grown?


Plus, the bangs.... Make her look A LOT older!

Her team named themselves, Green Venom!
They have a lot of 1st year players on their team, which frustrates Lilli. But it makes her shine even more. She has really stepped up to the plate.
After every game so far, that being 2, we tell her she was definetly the MVP of the game.
But, she always will be in my eyes! She plays with such grace and power, and ease! It is so fun to watch her. I wish all could!

September 19, 2009

Maggie, and dance watch week

The story of Why Maggie is in Dance
Well, Maggie really was having a hard time deciding this year what she wanted to do for her "Fun -Time". She decided on Gymnastics, and proceeded to cart-wheel her way through the summer. She even learned how to round-off and hand-spring, and 1-handed cart-wheel. But every night she would complain off knee pain. The complaining got worse and worse.
We realized, gymnastics was too hard on her body. Dance is hard on it as well, but not AS hard. So here she is, dancing for Xpressions Dance Academy, again, and having a great time!
Still showing off her 1- handed cart-wheel!

Stretch out ladies!!

This is as big as her class is.... but it's cool with me!

Learning a new step isn't easy, but when she gets it right, boy do her eyes light up!

In Ballet class with Miss Sarah.
One BAD thing has happened since Maggie has started dance! Emily is so sad, and cries when Maggie goes. Oh, she doesn't miss her sister....
She wants to go to dance so bad. I am desperately trying to find the money to do it. I hope I can make it work so I can get her in as well!
I love that my kids LOVE to dance!

September 8, 2009

Yellowstone National Park

Well, we took a family trip.
It started out as a small trip to Rexburg, but it turned into a fun filled weekend of car travel, wildlife and nature viewing, and lots and lots of car sweets!
Yellowstone National Park
This was the 1st bison we saw, only a few minutes into the park. We ended up seeing 1/2 dozen or so individual fellers, and probably 3 herds! Very cool! We stopped at Old Faithful for a picnic and the view.

What a great time for a few fun pictures!

As Old Faithful blew, the girls, with Annabelle, all stood together, arms around each other! Priceless!

I was thinking, maybe I should send this shot to Nextel, you know,
the "more bars, more places"

Old Faithful Lodge, and Katie in her usual seat!

This particular bison was old, huge, and noisy! He was grunting up a storm.
The kids enjoyed listening and imitating him!

Some scenery, as a storm was coming in.

After we left the park, on our way to Cody, WY. This view was worth stopping for!

Cody, WY
The Wild Bill Cody Museum.
I love Daddy-Daughter poses.

Sharp shooters, Who Wants to be Annie Oakley?!

We were too cheap to actually put tokens in the game,
so they all did their best gun noises they could!

Those green dots we all have on were our passes.
As we left Yellowstone Park, on our way back from Cody, we stopped to get our picture taken, thanks to a nice family, who also needed their picture taken, we were able to get us all!

Craters of the Moon

On the top of a big hill, the wind was so strong,
we HAD to hold Katie, or she would've blown away!
In a cave!

I am so proud of my family! The girls all showed they are like the momma,
They made me proud!

Even my little, self-labeled, "Scaredy-Cat" !
We had a great time!
Thank you to Karl and Janet for letting us tag along on your little trip to Rexburg!
Thank you to Sarah for the awesome hair cut, times 5! Your the BEST!!
Thank you to Kris and Jeff and Anna for keeping all of us in good spirits with your constant, contagious laughter, and jokes!