March 28, 2008


We had a wonderful Easter, full of family and fun. I took a lot of pictures, as I often do, but I love it!!! so, you can't blame me. Here is a short video of the pictures. Enjoy!


Last weekend we had the pleasure of having some fun with Brad and Lindsay. They came for a visit and we spent everyday we could with them. The girls especially love their Uncle Brad. We were remenising when Brad and Linds got married, Lilli and Maggie would hang on Brad and wear him out with their "play with us". Not so much any more... they are content to let grown-ups do their own thing and they do theirs, but when opportunity knocks, they swing the door open wide. Here is one such oppurtunity.

With all the girls on his back, we guessed they weigh around 130 pounds. Brad didn't know this, and attempted to do a push-up......he got down, but.....

not up. After an all out dismount, the fun continued, with Brad's agreement of course, no coursion on the girls part, no way, not my girls!

Brad, you retain the "Coolest Uncle" trophy in this family. Thanks for the fun.

March 16, 2008

The other morning, I woke up and wanted to wear red. Later, when getting Katie dressed, I put her in red also. We were matchy. Very cute. I then got an idea in my head that I should dress all my girls in red, since it is one color that we all have right now. We decided to have our picture taken. I think it's a fun thing that my girls are so willing to match me right now. I take advantage of the opportunities when ever they come. I know that in a few quick years, they will not be so excited about the idea. It was fun. Even Grandma "B" got into it.

"Guess what?" Emily loves to tell stories, especially to Katie, and in this picture thay seem to be in deep conversation and fervent thought.
Katie has Mommy's eyes, and everyone else has eyes for Katie.
We love our Grandma "B".

March 13, 2008

Kissy Kissy

Katie seems to be a major picture opportunity lately. Babies are always fun to picture. She has been growing up so fast, we want to capture every moment we can. She has been learning how to give great kisses. She has been doing this for a while, probably since about 5 months old. But now that she is a little older, she can make the "MMMMMM" sound when she gives them. Usually she just plants them on you without warning, but now the "MMMMM" before hand warns you, "Ready or not I'm going to slime you." Here are some great pictures of kissy moments. Enjoy!

I am Obsessed with These Two

This is Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, singing "Falling Slowly",from the movie "Once", which I have totally fallin in love with. The music hits something in me. I will listen to the CD over and over. Too bad the movie was rated R, because it really rocked. For those who like this song or sound or both, I recommend getting the album. It is worth it.

Never a Dull Moment

As many of you know, our house is always loud and always very musical. The girls are costantly singing their way around the house. Sometimes it gets pretty crazy, but we do stop to enjoy this wonderful time in our lives too.
This video is of one such crazy time.... my girls LOVE to DANCE !!! I bet you will see why.....

Some of you may be wondering where Emily is during all of this. Well, she was downstairs watching Scooby-Doo. When she is watching Scooby-Doo she hates to be disturbed. In fact we were making so much noise dancing that she came upstairs and yelled at us to stop dancing!

Also, Katie has discovered she is a born singer just like the rest of her sisters. Here she is in her crib singing to her music.

We love are amazing girls, and know that God gave us some of His FINEST! We thank Him everyday for such beautiful blessings.

March 6, 2008

Memiors of Hair-Dye Mishaps

As many of your know, I am constantly messing with my hair, be it color or cut, it doesn't stay the same for very long. Well, as a way to better myself, I thought I would try to leave it alone and let it grow out. The problem was, I had a ton of highlights, and as I let it grow out, it looked pretty bad.So, I went to see my good friend to get a color and a cut. I decided to go dark, this way as my hair grew out it wouldn't be noticable, and I could stop wasting money every 10 weeks on highlights.
I loved my A-line cut, but....the color was just a little bit dark. I felt a bit goth. Not exactly a spirit booster. So, shame on me, I went to the store a purchased a box dye, to lift the color.It was a highlighting box, because I knew that you can't lift a color with a color. As a result, my hair turned red.

I actually liked this color. It was pretty flattering on me. Despite negative comments made by some members of my family(brothers) about it not looking like "me", I was satisfied with it....until, my hair started to grow out, and I discovered gray!!! A lot of it, and it was noticable. Well, I started obsessing.....and I dyed it yet again.

I have no picture of what happened then, because not much happened, my hair got slightly more brown, but my gray stayed!!! I was mad. I wasted $8! Darn it! Well, about 1 week later, I was obsessing about the gray again, and I was at the store alone. I just couldn't resist....I bought another frost/highlight, and did it. Bad idea!!!

YUCK!!! I felt like "Bo-Bo the Clown". I cried the whole time I was blowing my hair dry, and decided then and there, that this "not coloring my hair" thing was not going to happen. I need to color my hair! Not only do I feel better spiritualy when my hair looks good, I feel prettier and act better to my family. Also, I don't feel old enough to let my hair go gray(obviously). So, I am back to going and wasting hard earned money at the stylist and getting my hair colored. She was mad when she saw what I had done to her beautiful work of art, but she fixed me.

I am back to the pretty red/brown color.....but next week I am going in to get highlights, probably. If I don't get the highlights, I will definetly have to go get it colored every 6 weeks. With the highlights, I can go a bit longer, because my gray grow-out looks like blonde highlight. I can get my hair done every 10 weeks with the highlights. I haven't decided yet, but I have one week to think and make the best choice for me.

If you can learn anything from me, don't color your own hair, take your precious hair to the pros. I learned my lesson the hard way, never-the-less, I LEARNED MY LESSON!!

My Most Recent Work

Here is some pictures I took and edited, some of which are already on the blog. They are cute set to music though. Enjoy.

March 3, 2008

Cousin Ahton's B-Day Party

It was Emily's "best-friend's" birthday party!!! We had fun. We gave him Scooby-Doo action figures and a Scooby-Doo video. Can anyone guess who wanted to give him Scooby-Doo stuff? YEP......EMILY!!! Ashton loves Scooby-Doo too, so it was appropiate. Here are some pictures of our fun day with our family.

Here is the Birthday boy.... ready to open his plethera of gifts.
This is Michael, Nathan and Danyl. Their mom shaved their heads that morning because the baby got gum in his hair and needed his shaved, the bigger boys saw it and thought it looked cool and wanted it too. Silly boys!
This one was from his Daddy, spoiled!!!!! Lilli and Maggie were particularly jealous of this gift!
Grandma and Emily watching the un-veiling of the many, many gifts. Did I mention SPOILED!!
Katie loved chewing on Joe's caribiner, and didn't care too much about all the hoopla.
The Proud Daddy showing off all the great pictures of the event to an equally proud Mommy.
Cake Time! Yum, Yum, Yum!!!! Emily had 3 forks on her plate by the time she was done with hers, and her hands were still covered in chocolate, go figure!
Time to relax and let mom shoot some pictures! Say cheese, or should I say "Pose"!
Man, what a party..... time to go home, or maybe I will just let my hair down here, while watching Scooby-Doo. Who would've guessed? It was a great Party! Happy Birthday, Ashton!