July 13, 2011

Our new Family Picture...they are a HOOT!

Pose 1   

Pose 2

Pose 3
We need your help deciding what Pose to pick for our wall! Please vote by leaving us a comment!
Now here are the rest of the fun pictures from our shoot...
Katie and Jules...running in the wind

Maggie looks so freaked out in this picture. Kissing is a scary thing.

Joe IS NOT looking at my boobs, I swear!

Our perfect stair step with all it's imperfections.

Emily....cracks me up!

So much wind...so much fun!


Hiding from the wind for a minute. This is one of my favs.

Also a FAV! I love how in love we look!

My gorgeous mid-schooler! I'm seriously freaked!
Thank you, Lindsay for helping us with our new family picture!