April 30, 2009

Some Cute Pictures

Joe is a talented man with the camera as well. On our little photo shoot the other day he captured these for me. I need you help deciding which is the best looking one for my picture frame!


Place your votes NOW!!! And thanks for stoppin' by!

April 23, 2009

Mad Keeper Skills

So, it took her a little while, but Lilli is finally LOVING soccer this year!
The first few practices were a nightmare. It was cold, and Lilli didn't like getting her fingers stepped on by her team mates! Being the only Goalie was definitely wearing on her nerves.
So, I did the only thing I could.... Threatened Her!
If she didn't quit the whiny crap, she would be done!
She quickly stopped complaining, and is loving every minute now!
Here she is practicing before a game.

She is a GREAT Keeper.... Didn't let anything get past her!

Katie blowing her nose... What?! She's cute!

Lil studying her team mates positions so she can kick it to the exact right place!

And she booted it out of there!

PINK LIGHTNING'S Strike Again! 1-0 US!!
I am a very proud 'Soccer-Mom'!

Maggie's Got Talent

Well, I wish I could post a video of the girls dancing, but something happened.
Here is Maggie and her good friend, Madaline.
Aren't they cute?!!

These little girls practiced so hard for this talent show. They used the song and routine from Studio's C Dance Acadamy's Ballet class that they both attended last year.
"Let's Get Together".
Everything was going great untill.... The MC bumped the CD player and stopped the song half way through. The girls stood there not knowing what to do, so they did their end pose, back to back. The audience clapped, and they got off the stage! The MC didn't even let them start again from the top. They didn't get to show off their routine! I was sooo mad, I had to go to the ladies room to cry!! When children put themselves out there, and try and practice like the dickens, they deserve to be shown the utmost respect! Take my word for it, they did amazing!!
I am very proud of my little girl!

April 14, 2009

Pretty Girls in Pretty Dresses

Here they are after church.
Thankyou to all of you who came to support me in my calling, and the girls in their singing.
It was a GREAT Primary Program!
Emily refused to sing every song except, "Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam" . Which was sung by her class, Sunbeams, and the older class, CTR5. Is any one really surprised? She is still a big momma girl, UGH!
None the less the spirit was definetly felt!
I wish you ALL could have been there!


We had the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday this year. My mom's back yard is huge. We had 12 kids and 8 adults roaming around for about 15 minutes. i didn't know the family was getting so big untill we were in the comfinment of the backyard. it was great fun though. Thanks Mom.

Here are my 4 hunters
Maggie the "Social" hunter.
With Bailey, always!

Lilli the "Steady" hunter.
She really took her time and searched in all hard areas.
Emily the "Timid" hunter.
Here she is, too afraid of a bug to get her egg.

so, I got it for her.

Katie the "Excessive" hunter.

Katie's basket was too full and heavy, so....

A little help and....

back on track.

We had tons of fun! Thanks to EVERYONE for a great HUNT!