June 18, 2010

Memorial Day

S0, a Green family Tradition....
4- Wheeling!
This year, Katie rode nearly the whole time!
If Mom or Dad, or Grandma was riding without a buddy, she was asking to go! My tushy was sooooo sore from ridin around on these little 4-wheeler!
But it was worth it to hear Katie laugh!
She even held the throtle! She likes to go fast, like her MOMMA!

Emily WOULD NOT ride, no surprises there. She like to play it safe.
She enjoyed the soda and cookies though!
Just Like her MOMMA!

Here is Lilli riding the BIG 4-wheeler, all by herself!
Both Maggie and Lilli showed they can ride the BIG ATV's but,
it's not a permanent thing, yet!

Maggie learned how to spin a cookie in the dirt! YES!!!
She is sooo cool, like her MOMMA!

While Joe and I were off on a trail ride.... Lilli and Maggie decided to RACE!
CRAZY girls..... like their MOMMA!

Lilli crashed. Pretty Bad. She rolled the red 4-wheeler! It landed on her thigh.
She couldn't walk very good, but we knew she wasn't broken.

A nice bruise was left, a REAL nice bruise!

The best thing about her crash... As soon as it happened,
Maggie was there by her side, helping her! And caring for her!
I knew they really loved eachother, the whole fighting thing is just a act!

After the crash the little girls sat around and tried to put the 4-wheeler back together.

"Where do you think this piece goes?"

"I dunno, but this hot dog is gooooood!"
Favorite picture ever!

This is the only time Emily got on a 4-wheeler! I HAD to get a picture!
Notice the broken fender?




And Happy.....
We had a GREAT time, and the memories will last a life time!

June 6, 2010

Emily is 5!

This music is from Emily's favorite movie, "My Neighbor Totoro".

She is often heard singing and talking in "Japanese". She is quite the character!

June 1, 2010

Maggie's Dance Recital

I took the camera and video camera along to the Dress Rehersal for Maggie's Dance Recital.
She did great.... but as I suspected, she did even better at the actual recital!
She really enjoys her talent!
Here she is in her Ballet costume! So PRETTY!

They dance to the song, "Little One".
I don't think it was her favorite, cause it was slow and boring... but that is what ballet is!

Next she danced to "Route 66" for Jazz!
She Loved this one.... you can tell!
ALL SMILES, and none were fake!


And... POSE!


This is "Little One". Maggie is 2nd from the right.

This is "Route 66". She is AGAIN 2nd from the right!

The Whole Company performed at the beginning of the Recital, even the teachers!!

That was a real treat! I can not describe to you how awesome it was!!!! I was over whelmed!! Tears were streaming down my face! I had a very strong, reaffirment.... This is where Maggie is supposed to be!

What Energy, What Style, What Poise!

I love those Ladies!!!

I am so thankful that Maggie has such strong women role models outside the home!