May 27, 2008

Lilli's Busy Day

I thought, since I had posted about Maggie's b-day, due to sooo many cute photos, I had better post about Lilli's b-day too. We also took a lot of cute photo's.

Lilli's teacher at school doesn't allow parties for birthdays, so I was bummed. I did get her to wear a crown to school though, that made her feel special.

We went as a family to pick Lilli up from school with her 8 ballons. Balloons are a tradition in our family as you might have guessed by now. After we picked her up we took her to get slurpee's, her favorite hot day treat.
Next was the Rec Center. Lilli wanted to go rock climbing. We didn't take Emi or Kate, so Joe and I could belay the girls without interuption. We climbed for an hour. The girls did great, reaching new heights. I even got to climb for a minute. It was great fun.

When we were through, we went out to dinner, Sizzlers, Lilli's favorite, because of the endless shrimp and ice-cream.(Just like her Momma).

After dinner we came home for presents and cake. Lilli's favorite presents were .....EVERYTHING! She really loved it all and gave everyone great big hugs!

During the "Happy Birthday" song, Lilli almost seemed sad... She wanted to make sure she had a wish to blow the candles out on. She did, and seemed very pleased she blew them all out.

Lilli had a great birthday! As did we all. Thanks Lil, for letting us have so much fun with you. We love you!
Here are some cute pictures of the fun day!

The artist at work! Here is a little video of Kate with Emi and Mags on the trampoline. She is quite fearless. I'm afraid I will be watching her very closely this next year, she thinks she is as big as her sisters!

May 19, 2008

The Last Horrah

This week-end was the last busy weekend for a while!! Yeah!! I am thrilled to have it over with.

First thing was Maggie's dance recital on Friday the 16th. She did great and really shined!! The video is from rehersal. As you can see, she is pretty gosh darn good. There is really only one other girl in her class that can keep up with her, her good friend Madaline. They both did fantastic. Joe and I agreed that she is just too good to be in a regular class next year, she stands out too much. We are going to get her on company, but only 1 class, not 2. She is thinking Tap.

Here are some cute pictures of Maggie in her full costume, and her friend Madaline.

I think you can see, she had alot of fun! Beeming with pride!

Next came my brother Lincoln's graduation from college. It was a long ceremony, but worth it to give him a hug afterward. We are so proud of him!! He graduated Cume Ladde!

Finally, we had the girls' soccer tornement on Saturday. Joe took them to their 1st games in the morning, I showed up half way through Maggie's 2nd game in the afternoon. I had the graduation all morning. It was HOT!! It hit 90 by mid day, and got up to 92 if not higher.

We had a bit of shade, so the only one who got burned was Joe. He didn't put sun screen on, because he is too manly for that sort of thing. Here are the pics of their final game! I sure am glad it's over! It was a blast watching the girls grow and progress!

Maggie's team won their first game, but lost their second. They almost made it un-defeated, too bad. Maggie had a friend on the opposing team of her 2nd game, I think Maggie was going easy on her. What a nice friend.

Lilli's team had two blow-outs!! Their 1st games they did not get scored on! During her 1st game she got kicked in the hand while playing keeper. It resulted in a bruised middle finger.

Her coach put her back in as keeper during her 2nd game, which is great. If you fall off the horse, you get back on!! She played amazing, catching even the close calls. Her finger still hurts, but what a great memory she will have about how hard she played! We are so proud of her and her growth this season!

May 13, 2008

Surprise Ending

Maggie's Big Day

So, I thought I would share the events of Maggie's Big Day with everyone. It was a long one, but full of fun.

~At 10 am I went into Maggie's class to bring in her birthday treat. I made her favorite cupcakes, Rainbow Chip, and surprised her with 6 balloons, purple and pink, of course. I also bought her a crown for her to wear at school so that every one knew it was her special day. She loved it!!
~After school Grandma Janet took her shopping for her birthday outfits and out to lunch. She came home with two birthday outfits!
~Presents, pictures with Mom and cup cakes with the family were next!! Her favorite gifts were Dance Dance Revelution, Disney Edition from Daddy, and pretty silver shoes and a ballerina necklace from Mommy!

~We went out to eat for dinner to Maggie's fav resturant, Pizza Hut, where Lolli-pop, the clown was there giving out balloon animals. This was not planned, but was an extra special birthday treat.
Maggie got a lady-bug on a pink flower. She still has hers, sitting on her dresser, when her sisters have all popped, thanks to Katie. Maggie knows how to keep things safe, put them where Katie can't reach them! Smarty-pants!
~After dinner we took Daddy home, he had Mutual. We girls then went to the Rec Center, where we swam for about an hour. It was a blast, and no one drowned!!
~When we got home it was the usual routine, bath, teeth, songs, scriptures and prayer. When everyone was tucked in and sleepy I asked Maggie if she had a good birthday? With a HUGE smile on her face, she replied, "The BEST! Thankyou Mom!" What a pay off!!

Here are some cute pictures of her big day!

May 7, 2008

Maggie Turns 6

Happy Birthday Sweet-heart! What a busy and fun filled year it has been!!! I love you!