May 23, 2013

Lilli Turns 13

Where does the time go?

When Lilli was born, my older sister, Leisha, sent me a letter. In that letter there were 3 little pictures of her then 3 kids. On the back of her oldest child's picture it said, "Kali, age 5. In a blink of an eye your own will be 5 and starting kindergarten. It goes by that fast."
Kali got married on May 4th.
It has been a blink of my eye.
 I still remember holding Lilli in my arms for the 1st time. I still remember so vividly that kindergarten picture of Kali and that sweet warning from my big sister. "In a blink of an eye"... she will be a teen!
I know that it only goes a blink of an eye she will be dating. In a blink of an eye she will be  graduating high school. And, in a blink of eye she will be in the same place I was 13 years ago, holding her 1st child for the 1st time...
What a ride mother hood is!
It starts slow and steady, but like any good ride, it takes on speed, has twists and turns, and bumps and falls and great climbs with beautiful views...
All enhancing the ride.
 Enjoy the ride!

oh, and if you are still reading the song I picked for her, the artist says, "a vision of ecstasy". I wanted to find a music editing tool to erase that bit. But, didn't have time. So, in your mind, think..."vision of purity". Thanks!

May 7, 2013

Maggie's Birthday Video

It seems like this is the only thing lately that goes on my blog.
But it is tradition for me to make a video every year for my girls
and show it to them on the morning of their birthday as they eat
their special birthday breakfast.
I love making these for them. It fills my heart with love for them,
and I know they feel that love as they watch!
Happy Birthday, Maggie! I love you so much!