March 30, 2009

Katie- The Streaker

Katie has discovered she can take off her clothes, if she tries real hard! Then, she can get her diaper off!
This is her after I caught her trying to get undressed. I told her "No, No!", then left her alone for approximetly 5 minutes.

This is what she looked like when she came out of her sisters room!

No DIAPER either! What am I going to do with her!!!
At least she keeps me laughing!!

The Sunday Paper

This is how I feel nearly every day! UGH!!

March 16, 2009

Basket Balls, Straight Hair, Pony Rides

Lilli has discovered her favorite thing about Spring is Basketball. She plays every time it is even slightly warm. I had to put a coat on to get pictures of her playing, but she said it wasn't cold out. kids are so weird when it comes to weather.

Michael Jordan moment.

She uses Rosella's hoop. Rosella is an elderly lady in our ward. Rosella loves my kids to come down and play. She loves to watch them. When Joe's Grandmother, Margaret Cottle, was alive, Rosella was her best friend. I think Rosella feels a kinship with my cildren.

I love that my kids LOVE to outside, just like their MOM. Yeah Spring is nearly HERE!!


I was doing every one's hair last Saturday, and Maggie had decided she wanted sraight hair, she does that ever so often. What surprised me though, was when I had finished Maggie, Emily came up to me and said she wanted her's straight as well. I have never tried Emily's. I wasn't even sure that it would go straight. But I tried, for her. It took 30 minutes. She stayed very still the whole time. I had to use both a flat iron and a very hot curling iron, and whala, straight hair that lasted 2 days. If you look very closely at the pictures, you will see that I couldn't get it straight up by her scalp. So, we told her it added body. We had fun!

Any time ANYONE is on the floor in this position, Katie thinks it's time for a Pony Ride. Sorry Lilli, get off the floor when your watching TV.

Oh, Katie says "Cheese" now when ever we take a picture. I think you can see that in this picture.