October 4, 2011

Best of Friends

Today, my sister and I decided to go looking for cool places to take pictures...
we pulled the little girls along for the ride.
Katie and Jules are Best-friends. They forget that they are cousins sometimes.

I love that they love each other so much!

September 30, 2011

Maggie Select Soccer Scrimmage

She is having so much fun. I love to watch my kids progress and enjoy that progression.

September 15, 2011

Some End of Summer Fun

We went to the Zoo on a Wednesday morning, right as it opened.

 All the animals were awake and walking around. It was fantastic!

Even caged our own animals!

Maggie was driving the Jeep so crazy...they were terrified!

Katie had to give her pal a squeeze.
 We stayed in the penguin house a long time, cause they were swimming and jumping, and the kids were trying to locate all the penguins and talked about them by there name... 
"There goes Nancy!" "Wow! Did you see Kevin jump?!" My kids are the greatest!

Not so Little anymore, Emi!

Putting on their best "pirate" face....ARRRR!
 Next stop on our Fun Day... Paddle Boats!

Maggie, Katie and Mommy

Lilli, Emily, and Daddy

A not-so-happy Katie
 The reason why Katie was sad...
Emily lost her flipflop in the pond. 
I climbed out onto the edge of the paddle boats to rescue it, and caused the whole boat to sway in the water. 
Katie was sure we were going to tip, or that I was going to fall in...neither happened.

Emily with her "wet" flipflop...but at least she still has 2!
 After Paddle Boats, we went to Pojo's

Carousel riders

Bumper Car riders

We had a wonderful day! Yeah for summer fun!

July 13, 2011

Our new Family Picture...they are a HOOT!

Pose 1   

Pose 2

Pose 3
We need your help deciding what Pose to pick for our wall! Please vote by leaving us a comment!
Now here are the rest of the fun pictures from our shoot...
Katie and Jules...running in the wind

Maggie looks so freaked out in this picture. Kissing is a scary thing.

Joe IS NOT looking at my boobs, I swear!

Our perfect stair step with all it's imperfections.

Emily....cracks me up!

So much wind...so much fun!


Hiding from the wind for a minute. This is one of my favs.

Also a FAV! I love how in love we look!

My gorgeous mid-schooler! I'm seriously freaked!
Thank you, Lindsay for helping us with our new family picture!

June 16, 2011

a little catch up

 A few weeks ago we spent a lovely afternoon at my Mother's House.
We went to a nearby pond to feed the ducks, and pick some weeds...

Here's Emily with some beautiful weeds in her hair....

This is Guin...she is our soon to be cousin. We love her soooo much! We are all so glad that Lincoln found her awesome Mommy, Fontanna! We love her soooo much too!

Katie with the "flowers" in her hair...so GLAMOROUS!
After our walk to the pond...we stopped to visit the bird eggs in Grandma's Flower Garden Patio.

Jules and Katie love to look at the eggs, which my Mom found in the middle of her yard one day...after a bad wind storm. It's a little sad, but they do make for a cute decoration.

Ashton, Logan and Guin...looking at the eggs.

 The Eggs

 Peek-a-boo, eggs! We see you!

We really enjoyed our day...and I got some great pictures! 
So glad I have so much fun taking pictures...maybe I should do this as a profession! Tee-Hee!

May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Lilli!

 Here's a look at her 10th year of life... to one of her favorite songs!