April 7, 2011

New Camera Test

I think I love my new camera....

What to Blog?

Lilli's Choir sang at the Capital Building

So, we, of course, took pictures.

 It's so much fun to watch your kid doing her best....

I don't know if it's just a mother's trained ear, or if she just sings loud, but I could hear her above all the rest! It was AWESOME!

She is the perfect Chorale performer. She was poised. She never took her eyes off her director. She never fussed with her hair or slouched....she stayed soooo focused! 
I was so proud!

We decided it was time to trade in "Bigger Red" and  get this little number.
It is Chevy Uplander. We love it! I didn't think I would ever like driving a van.... but it is a V6, and it is a 2007, and it drives like a dream....so smooth.... we hardly ever drive the Subaru any more. Silly!
Joe named the van, "The Unscripted White Van" but that's no name for a car. Who likes my name better? "The Stay-Puff Marshmallow Van" or "Marshmallow" for short.

I took some cute "test" pictures of Katie before my photography shoot with my good, then pregnant, friend. I had to test the light....

 So cute!

We were invited to attend a Tea Party...so we had to dress up...and take pictures.

 It's so much fun to be a picture takin momma....so many visual memories! 
Get your camera's out ladies....it's important!

I got a new camera, and had to test it out...and I caught my big girls actually playing nice with each other! Don't faint! It happens occasionally.

I'm just glad I got proof!

Life is good. Life is busy! I wouldn't have it any other way!