November 30, 2010

Clumsy, Lego builders and Movember

1st for the Clumsy,
Emily....It isn't really her fault.
She, well, got pulled into the corner of the toy shelf by her cousin and her baby sister as they were playing a horse game. This little girl has gone to school so many times with sctratches, and bruises... it makes me nervous that her teacher might think that we are beating her.
Nope, she's just clumsy... and FAST. Mix those two, and you get bruised.
I know this... she gets her clumsiness from me!
Sorry baby!

Here is her sweet puffy eye.

2nd.... The Lego Builders.
Lilli is really the master mind behind the Lego craze at our house.
She is obsessive about them, doesn't like sharing them, and hates when they accidentally get broken by her little sisters.
She is very creative.
She made these things without a pattern.

The Duck

The Elephant blowing a trumpet!
Because of Lilli's recent obsession, all the kids want Santa to bring them Lego's.
We are going to have Lego's coming out of our ears!
Oh, well... at least they are a timeless toy!

However you spell it... Joe had a fun time growing it this month

He had to shave it off a week early, due to him speaking in church.
He felt he should look presentable, after all, he is the Sunday School President.
So we took this picture before the shave to document his month of no shaving, except his chin, obviously.

we took this one after a little shaving and a little second thoughts about shaving!

"Howdy, Little Missy"..... "Is that you John Wayne?"
I Love him with Facial Hair... Can't wait for him to let it go again!

November 2, 2010

Margaret the Magnificent

Friday, October 1....
A normal Friday afternoon, a bit lazy...
went to get the kids off the bus, when....
Maggie hobbles off the bus sobbing.
She sprained her ankle at school, jumping rope at 1st recess!! Why didn't someone call me?!
We iced and wrapped her and told her to take it easy. By Wednesday she was walking fine, so I didn't even think to wrap her for gymnastics.
But....halfway through class, she had a the high balance beam, and re-injured it!
It looked BAD! It looked worse than before...with weird bruising. The coaches wanted us to go to the ER. We opted for a cheaper route, one that has worked for us before....Dr. John Harmon, a really awesome chiropractor who specializes in sports injuries.
After x rays....he said he was sure she had fractured her growth plate, and he sent us on our very unhappy way to go see Dr. Shae, a pediatric orthopedic specialist.
Thursday, October 7th....Confirmation...
Maggie had a non-displaced fractured growth plate!!!
A cast HAD to be put on, and PINK was the color she picked!

After Maggie received the news that she needed a cast, and not surgery... she was spastic! Like Christmas had just come, and she had the most awesome present ever!

She paraded around, flaunting her cast, and making all her sisters jealous! Silly girls!
About 1 week into the 3 weeks required, she started hating it. She HATED baths, she hated how it itched! Most of ALL, she HATED not being able to do kart-wheels!
She was caught several times trying to scratch down her cast with things, like pencils...NAUGHTY!!

Joe was also....well... naughty!
He was being a bit dramatic.... and got into a fight with the wall.
Let's just say, the wall won!
We thought he had broken his wrist... but he WOULD NOT go to the Doctor.
It bruised bad, and he had some pain during movement... but he COULD move it.
So, we wrapped it securely, with a brace, and he took Ibuprofen for a week for the pain.
It looks good today, but he still has pain when we play "slug-bug".

Sunday night, 3 days before the cast comes off....Maggie did yet another NAUGHTY thing.
She couldn't sleep, and came upstairs after 10 crying. She said her ankle hurt...I asked her if she needed Tylenol...she said NO. The pain was being caused by a marker lid in her cast.
How did a marker lid get stuck down deep inside her cast?! She was scratching!!! It got too low, into the tighter part of the cast, became lodged and there it stayed!
In unbearable pain, we (not so quickly) came up with a cut off some of her cast, as to keep her poor ankle still in the cast, but to get the lodged lid out. After 11pm, the cast was cut, thanks to a cutco knife, and Maggie was crying again....this time in relief and joy. We put cotton balls around the top of the cast, so it didn't hurt her, and used good ol duct tape to finish her up!

We had to cut off about 6 inches of the cast, and the lid was still lower than that!

Good thing it came off when it did...October 27th!
I couldn't take another week of this extreme girl!
She has gymnastics tomorrow, and she can't wait!
I will wrap her, I promise!

November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun

Trunk or Treat...Friday the 22nd

Our ward decided to do their trunk or treat on the Friday before the Friday before Halloween!
We went anyway!

Maggie, the injured soccer player. The cast helped this outfit be believable!

Lilli as "Juliet"

Katie as "Cinderella"

Emily as "The Karate Kid"
Thank you Aunt Lori for the accidental borrow of this will be returned!

Then.....on the Friday before Halloween....the 29th,
We decided to crash 2 other wards Trunk or Treats.
Thank you to Aunt Lindsay and Auntie Sarah for inviting us!

Lilli was BORED of her "Juliet" outfit, so she went as a "Spanish Dancer"

Katie decided to change too.... here is "Kat"!

After going to 3 Trunk or Treats, we thought...why not one more?
Thanks to good friends in Meridian, we hit our last one on Saturday...

Emily doing the "Crane Kick". She was the only one to keep the same outfit through all 4 events. Thank you Emi! I am sooooo happy you were so easy, and cute!

Maggie got her cast off on Wednesday the 27th, so she decided to be.... "Super BSU Girl".
Thank goodness we already had that outfit!