January 17, 2009

RAW- Rough, Artistic, Workshop

Maggie had her 1st dance workshop on Saturday the 10th of January! She was so cute, and soooo nervous! The whole week long she was feeling stress, but we figured out how to deal with it now. And we are all much happier now that it's over.

She danced in front of 3 judges, which made her more nervous than dancing in front on 300 people! She is so silly!

Her Xpressions Dance Acadamy warm-ups! So professional!

Practicing before their turn on stage!

Happy to finally be going on stage after waiting a gruelling 45 minutes!!

Here's the dance! Maggie is pretty easy to spot... She is the only girl wearing capri pants.

The 1st comment from the judge was, pointing right at Maggie, "You were smiling the whole time!" What recognition! Maggie didn't let it go to her head....too much!

January 2, 2009

December- here and gone

While I was a huge stress case during this special month, I did enjoy the moments as well.
Here are a few I would like to share with you.....
We started this month out with Lilli's Christmas Concert at school. It was "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". Lilli loves to sing, and we LOVE to listen.

Next we had the enjoyment of watching Maggie at dance. She is such a show-off! We know we have this girl in the right activity!

We did a lot of cookie making, and eating! The girls love the decorating and eating part the best!

We had some fun times hanging out at Grandma and Papa Green's playing games and making memories! We love cuddle time!

We made our 1st snowman this year! His name... Mr. Brown.
My muscles ached for days after building him!!

On Christmas Eve morning we opened presents with the Greens and Hankins the best surprise was meant for the girls, but I actually freaked out more than them! Thank you so much for Rock Band!!! We love playing it as a family!!!

After christmas with Joe's family, we did it with my family! Great food, games and sledding were among the popular events! After we were cold and tired, we had the grandkids do the nativity. What fun for all the kids! Emily was particularly sweet. She was an angel in the nativity, but after it was over, she put the mary costume on, and would not take it off. She played with "baby Jesus" for nearly an hour after the nativity was over! AWWWWW!

Last, but not the least.... Christmas Morning!
Here are my girls in their matching pj's that I made! Yes, I can sew!
Maggie got dress-ups. Anyone surprised?
It was Speed Racer and Trixie Barbie dolls for Emily!
All of us got these adorable aprons from my mother! I am glad that my helpers are now protected from the frequent messes of cooking!

Thankyou all for making our year a great one! We love you!