October 29, 2009

Halloween Parade

Yet again it is that WONDERFUL time of the year!!
I am being sarcastic, because I really do HATE this holiday,
there are a few things, however, that I LOVE!
This being one of them.
The Annual Halloween Parade at Centennial Elementary!!
Princess Maggie
China Doll Lilli
Cousin Annabelle even attended this year,
Princess of course!
Maggie loved having Anna walk with her!

Lilli wanted a turn with Annabelle.
As Maggie's class ended their parade, Lilli quickly swept up Anna.
Away they went!
I LOVE my children's EXCITEMENT about dressing-up!
I LOVE seeing my children in their classrooms, with their friends and teachers!
I LOVE documenting every minute and helping my children gain happy memories!
So, I guess I do LOVE the holiday after all!

October 27, 2009

Update on our weekends

So, 2 weekends ago
On Sunday afternoon,
while I was busy napping,
Lilli and Maggie were busy building this Lego clown.
I didn't know they had built it, because they had taken it apart and cleaned up before I was able to take a picture of it.
They explained they had built it, and I protested! I wanted a picture!! So....
They built it again, just for me!
Truly Amazing Artists!

Next, this last weekend!
After a busy morning.... Primary Program Practice!!
Maggie went to a birthday party, Katie napped and Emily watched a movie.
Lilli and I went to her last soccer game of the fall season.
Since no one was there to watch her,( except Karl and Janet, thank you guys),
I decided to take good documentation of the game,
and I got some awesome shots of my soccer queen!
So, I thought I would share some with you!

She is such a beautiful runner!!! So graceful!

Good use of the body!!!

Corner kick!

She sure known how to read the field, she know exactly where the ball is heading and gets there every time! She is a "TAKE-CHARGE" type of player!
Even though she had a rough time this year, a lot of 1st time players on her team, she had a good time, and has decided to once again do soccer next season!
So, in about 6 months there will be a post similar to this one!!!
Last, Family Home Evening

The girls wanted to carve and paint their pumpkins!
So creative!

We had a great time.... Every one!!

October 20, 2009

Cold and Sunny, LOVE IT!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day, but boy was it cold!
We celebrated my big brother's birthday at my mom's, and I got a few fun filled shots!
Emily looked so cute, and country. She was wearing brown boots with this outfit, I love it!

Maggie with cousin, Bailey.
Look at all those windows in those mouths!

Katie- posing!

And running.

We love playing outside!

October 6, 2009

The Cute, The Sad, and The Silly

The Cute
My Mom made my girls each a new set of pj's.
When the little one's saw theirs, they had to try them on.
They wanted to wear them all day, but after about 30 minutes of persuasion, I finally convinced them to change. Thanks for the cute jammies Grandma B!
Emily started ballet last Tuesday.
She loves it!
She gets so excited on Monday night when she sees me take out her leotard!
"Is my dance class tomorrow?!" she asks me with fevered anticipation!! "It sure is!" I reply.
She then starts jumping around her room squealing,
and telling everyone that she has dance tomorrow!
It is truly the cutest thing ever!

The Sad
Joe's Grandma Green past away on last Wednesday, due to complications from surgery.
She was 81.
I cried more than Joe at her funeral on Monday.
Joe kept asking why I was crying, she wasn't my Grandma,
(He wasn't being rude, I know it sound that way.
He was teasing me for turning on the water works)
The spirit was very strong, and so.... I cried.
Great funeral service!
But, of course, it is always sad at any funeral.
Death makes you think about what is most important in this life! FAMILY!

The Silly
Katie is swimming in the bath all the time. I have to watch her, because she just lays down.
No matter how deep, she just goes for it. She is so not afraid of water.
her new favorite thing is to sit and stick her feet out of the tub.
She says over and over,
"Mom, watch me!" and "Take a picture!"
So, I finally gave in and took a picture!
Happy now, Kate?
Your nakey body on the family blog, for all our friends to see!
So silly!!!

The End