February 25, 2011

Taking a Trip is Fun to do....

The kids had a 4 day weekend....So, we decided to take a trip to Utah...
We had a great time! The kids loved hanging out with their cousins, Hannah and Jonah.
It was also the coolest thing to "actually sleep-over at Aunt Lori's house!" Katie kept saying that.

Friday, Joe and I went and spent some tax refund at IKEA! WE got ourselves 2 love seats, and 2 chairs. Next year we are gonna finish the TV room with new book shelves and entertainment console. We had a lot of fun...and we actually didn't get the cinnamon roll...even though they smelled so good! Lori had dinner planned, so we didn't want to be rude and spoil our dinner, SUCK!

Saturday, we took the kids to Thanksgiving Point and the Museum of Ancient Life. It was the Lilli and Maggie's 3rd time, and they still loved it more then ever....this time we splurged to see an IMAX 3D movie, "Sea Rex". 3D ROCKS!!!!

"Is this a real dino foot? whoa!"
looking up at the "Supersaurus" it is BIG!
Aren't we cute?
Emi remembered this guy...her favorite!
leaving the exhibits for the movie....Watch out Katie, low bridge.
Lilli didn't want anything to do with Megaladon...as usual!
She's got the whole world in her hands.... heavy, eh?
By far, my favorite picture....digging in the sand for fossils, and in regular Katie style, crack is present.
After spending 4 hours at the Museum, we went back to Lori's, and got ready for a Temple Date with Lori and Reed! I have to say, this was my FAVORITE part of the trip. Being in the Temple with my big sis by my side, it was hard not crying! AWESOME experience!
Hannah and Jonah babysat the kids, and they had so much fun! We got back at 10:30, and Katie came up to me with blanky and doggy in hand, and said..."Momma, I'm tired. Can I go to bed now?" So cute!

We had a very memorable trip...on the way back home on Monday, we stopped by Temple Square. We promised the girls they could ride The Church Office Buildings elevator....26 floors in like 15 seconds! Talk about wanting to puke! We got some great pictures up there!
Panoramic view, facing east. I love those Utah Mountains!

The Church Office Building! You gotta ride the elevator!

I hope you
Enjoyed the show.....

February 8, 2011

I should post, but I am sooooo lazy, I mean Lacey!

Katie, age 3

As Katie and I sat looking through my old photo album... she kept saying she saw Emily, then she saw Lilli....well, I see them all! Can you?
Lacey, age 3

Emily, age 5

Lacey, age 6
Maggie, age 8

Lacey, age 11
Lilli, age 10

Lacey age 10

I know some of you think some of my girls are soooooo much more "Green"... but here is the proof that they are all very much ME! 
Wasn't that fun?!