January 13, 2011

The Grandpa's Had Birthday's

1st it was Grandpa Green's Birthday!

Here is Anna and Katie....hangin out in the toy room.

"Whatcha get?"

Next day, Grandpa Bollschweiler's birthday!

Emily and Ashton playin legos.

Katie and Jules posing in the sunlight!

Smothering Grandpa with attention!
Happy Birthday!

January 9, 2011

So...do I hae any followers?

I started a 365 photo challenge on my personal blog.
The web address is www.laceyshare.blogspot.com.
Come on over and check out the fun!
I am also doing some on Facebook, but they are never the same picture as the one on my blog.
I know, I am a dork, but it has been fun so far.
So, follow both if you like. Or none....which ever is fine with me!
But, I would perfer you all follow, and comment too!
Yeah, comment...please!

January 7, 2011

Some Christmas Fun

Hope everyone had a great Christmas....
Here are a few of my cherished memories

Christmas Eve....

We started off with an awesome breakfast at Honkers with The Greens and Hankins crew, also Ben! We must not forget our favorite BEN!
In the above picture, Ben is trying to make the girls fall out of the rocker...
they were giggling so fiercely!

love the faces in this picture! Emily received a Barbie "Fashionista". She has a TON of Barbies.... I don't understand all the hype, but it was fun to watch her rip open this gift.

Joe got a Saints hat from Ben and a Saints sweatshirt from Janet.... he was so surprised! As he was opening the gift, he said, "It's a sweater!" His favorite line from the movie, "The Three Amigos". So, when it ended up really being a "sweater" we all laughed!

This is Katie finding a "Justin Bieber" shirt in her bag of clothes from Grandma. She totally spazzed out!!!! I mean, squealing and jumping around....face turning red! It was great!

What a great morning!

Justin Bieber, For The WIN!!!!!!

Next, Christmas Morning...

I made each of my girls a new Levi blanket, and wrapped a puppy in the middle! Each puppy has a bandanna that is made from the same fabric as the coinciding blanket.
Emily was the last to realize there was a puppy inside the blanket, phew....she got a puppy too!

Ok, funny thing about this gift... as she was opening it, Joe said, "It's a sweater!" Katie looked at him so sternly, and said, "It is NOT a SWEATER, Dad!" She was right!
Katie actually hugged her dress-ups from Daddy.... so sweet!

Lilli was the definite winner of the best "Shocked" face.... She gave quite a few!

Maggie got her BB Gun from Daddy, even after her teacher told her,
"You'll shoot your eye out!". Just like that stupid movie!
Katie looks a bit concerned that maybe she will,
but Maggie was totally blitzing out with hyper excitement!

And, after ALL that excitement....
This is the best picture of the day!
Snuggly time doesn't have to stop just because the kids are growing up!
We LOVE snuggles!
And we LOVED our special Christmas!
Thank you all! WE LOVE YOU!