February 16, 2010

Freak Snow Storm

Remember, on Wednesday, the 3rd.....around 5:30 pm!


Luckily, because Maggie has dance at 5:45, we have to eat an early dinner.

The kids were finished eating and ready to play!

I love this shot of Lilli, it's blurry, but beautiful!

The snow was so fluffy and coming down sooo fast, it was hard to take pictures!

They were so happy!!

10 minutes after coming outside, the trampoline was covered!

Who can resist a snow-covered tramp?!

Jump away!!

The fun didn't last long, Katie's hands were soo cold, she nearly started crying!

Luckily the bath was toasty warm!

February 9, 2010

Hooray, Hooray......

The Saints, saved the day!
Joe has turned into a giant ball of MUSH!!!
Every time he see's a commercial, hears an interview on the radio, and when the song, "Oh When the Saints Come Marchin In", he cries!
I love that he has been a loyal fan of the Saints since he was a small boy.
He still has his 1st saints hat, smells and dirty from the long time wear of his youth!
I love that he is so proud of his team!
What a fun game!
Oh, and Thankyou to
Carlie's Cakes and Confections
for the yummy, and BEAUTIFUL Saints cake!!!!!

February 2, 2010

Let's have a Masquerade!!!

Lilli, aka, Isabella DeMonte

Maggie, aka, Kimono Dragon

Emily, aka, Sugar Plum Princess

Katie, aka, Cinderella

The girls had a ton of fun!!
I was "The Royal Hairdresser"
"The Royal Make-up Artist" and
"The Royal Mask Advisor"

Each girl made their own mask for the ball. I only pictured Lilli's and Maggie's.

It was a very fun, inventive night!
One that will remain in our hearts and minds forever!