September 24, 2008

Notice the New Card

Well, I thought you all might like to know that my new blog, LaeLin Photography is up and running! I am thrilled for this new endevor to become more artistic in my photography. Both my little sister, Lindsay and I take the pictures, and then I have the task of putting the artistic touches on the beautiful shots. We will update it from time to time, so all you have to do is click on the business card to the right. It will take you right over to the blog. You comments are always welcome on that blog too! Thank you all for all your support.

Here are some cute pictures I took yesterday. Katie really thinks she is a big girl, it is fun to watch her grow.
Doing home work with Maggie!
Wearing sunglasses with Mommy.
Eating chalk! Not so much a big girl activity, but cute none-the-less!
Fighting over big-girl drinks with cousin Jules! I think you all can tell who won the fight, and who was saying, "Oh, MAN!!!"

September 23, 2008

Whilest I Still Can

So here is a funny video shot last night. I thought I should post it while I still have the high speed. It goes off on Thursday. To all those who have more than one girl, or two loud kids, I think you will appreciate this... to all my friends prego with their second girl....WATCH OUT, this will happen to you!! ha ha ha!

September 21, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

So, all of you who are from where I'm from know about the totally CRAZY weather yesterday. And many of you know of the Women's Fitness Walk that was scheduled for Saturday morning as well.
We, my 4 girls, my sister-in-law with her daughter, my mother-in-law, a hand-ful of others and myself were supposed to go do this 5k walk, run and stroll. Obviously we were in the "stroll" devision due to the babies. When we got down-town, it was POURING!!!! By the time I had the bike trailer set up for the walk I was drentched everywhere that my poncho wasn't covering, and the trailer immediatly started to leak. I was thinking, "This is so stupid!" I was about to risk mine and my childrens health for a walk! WHY!!!
I voiced my opinion to find out that it was the opinion of every one else that was there! I don't feel like a failure in any way, I feel like a winner! I didn't give-up I was simply protecting my children's health!

Next Year, Mother Nature will hopefully cooperate with me.

Props to my little sis though, the crazy girl RAN the 5k in the pouring rain!! She is AMAZING!

She is admired by this gal, that's for dang sure!!!

Here are a few pictures of the fun we were having before we packed it up to go home.Here is Janet with Maggie and Lilli!Emi peeking through the bike trailers wet window.Here's most of the wet and cold clan.
We went out to breakfast at McDonalds in stead of doing the walk. I know, it sounds a bit ironic to be going to fast food intead of doing something active, but that's me, I guess. I like food, dislike exercise, and HATE being cold!
On another note, I am turning off our high speed internet tomorrow. It has become too much a distraction for my family and the money could and should be spent somewhere else! I will still be blogging, from time to time, just not every week. I will just have to go mooch the internet off family. I hope you all don't mind, family! XOXO!

September 9, 2008


She did it, today.....she just started walking!!! Emily was shouting out me, and when I finally figured out what she was saying....I heard "Katie's walking! Katie's walking!"
For those of you who know, walking is not a new thing for Katie. She has been toying with the notion for about 4 weeks. She actually started walking on July 22nd. But, she would only walk a few steps and that would be enough. was all over the place! I feel secure in posting this, I really feel the days of Katie walking on her knees are quickly coming to an end!
Here's the video!!!!

The Reason for the Blog Color Change

If you guessed FOOTBALL SEASON, your correct!!!!


Nuf said yall!

And We're Back

Sorry about the long time vaca from blogging. I'm also sorry if some of you were mad because of the last blog entery from Joe. It was tongue-in-cheek fun! Nothing more. I hope no one got too mad!
Any way, since my last entry, my life was supposed to get easier....WHAT??
The girls started school!! Yeah!! But with that came the start of Soccer practice and Dance as well. Emily is ever-demanding of me, and my HOUSE!!! Yikes! How did I let it get so out of hand?!
Well, a wonderful thing happened in my life along with all the busy. My little sis, Lindsay finally arrived from Logan, UT. It has been thrillling to know I can see her whenever I want! We went to the Zoo on Labor Day! Here's some pictures from our outing!
Emily and Logan trying to get on the ride. Sorry kiddo's it's closed!Watch OUT!!! Here I come!Touching a real turtle! What fun! This is Emily, Maggie and Logan!The three Amigo's it seems. I think they just liked having their pictures taken! Maggie thinks it is SOOOOOO funny to do the bunny ears thing!UGH!Katie and Jules! What cute cousins!I think my egg hatched! What cute little chicks!

Emily loves her favorite cousins, Ashton and Logan. She is right in between them in age. Ashton is 9 months older and Logan 9 months younger! They are the best of friends, even though you can't tell from the lack of excitment on her face. She was having a great time!

We all had a great time. We love having Lindsay and Brad here with us! I am so excited to have our kids grow-up along side each other! Welcome Home sis!