July 29, 2010


My girls went to the eye doctor on Monday,
the prognosis.....
Lilli chose purple, "Barbie" brand.

Maggie chose black, "Barbie" brand.
They look so smart and old!


Lilli face-painted a cat or lion or something fun on Katie.
They are finally being creative with their birthday presents.
I am glad my money and effort to find them one of a kind presents is paying off!

July 23, 2010

A Day at the Park

So, we went to Free Lunch at the Park yesterday....
and got more than FREE lunch.
We got FREE Face Paint too!
Lilli - Tiger

Maggie - Puppy

Emily - Butterfly

Katie - Cat
A lady in Lindsay Ward spoiled the kids rotten!
She is really good!
The only Not Good thing about it.......
When we went to the park today, Katie's first question was,
"Where is the Face Painting Lady?"
I love summer!

July 12, 2010

June, at a glance!

June 1st
Emily and Katie go to a "Pajama Party"
they did really fun arts and crafts,
like these awesome crowns and sashes!

June 2nd
I borrow a lens from a friend photographer,
and discover the AWESOMENESS of capturing close ups!

June 3rd,
Splashing fun on the Green Belt!


Not AT ALL timid!

June 4th,

Maggie and Lilli's last day of school!

Lilli's teacher, Miss. Sykes..... 3rd and 4th!
We will miss her!

June 5th

Maggie's Baptism!

All my beautiful girls!

June 7th,
Emily turns 5!

It's tradition in our family to wear "The Birthday Crown"
all day on your birthday!
Joe doesn't have to wear it though!

June 8th,
Lilli goes to work at Malibu Medical!
She wants to help pay for her Competitive Soccer League funds!
Doesn't seem like they are working too hard, right?

Some where in the middle....
The Activity Day Girls got to go to the Boise Temple!
Here is Maggie with her friends Liv, in the blue, and Ashley.

Lilli with her bestie, Brooke.

June 17th,
Emily's "Princess Party"

Maggie was a BIG help!

the whole crew!

June 26th
Emily discovers she is a "Double Crosser"

Those are her words, not mine!
She is soooooo silly!

June 29th!!!!
For Kim's 30th birthday 17 of us went to a double feature of Twilight and New Moon!
Then we watched the midnight showing of Eclipse!

The Company was the Funnest part of the night!
I will probably forget the movie, but I will never forget the laughter, and FUN!

There you have it folks!
I will TRY to be better about these HORRENDOUSLY long posts!
My goal is 1 post a week!
We'll see.......

July 6, 2010

Katie turned 3!

Katie is our own little "Ponyo". It's a great movie!

If you haven't seen it, you should!