April 29, 2010

OK Brag Post #3


Soccer Season is upon Us!!!


Lilli's Coach told me, "Lilli is our MVP! She is so versitile!"

Indeed, he plays her in EVERY position.

And she never complains, and is always ready!

My little girl has come a long way

She actually likes playing now!

And we LOVE watching her!

She is always giving it her all!
And always making us proud!

Go Get Em Tiger!

This is ALL Lilli

This is Lilli's FAVORITE artist right now!
MC Esher
She went on-line and downloaded her favorite work, and then wrote up why they were her favorites. I thought it would be fun to share it with you, cause I think my daughter is the coolest, most hip kid there is!
"Bond of Union"

There are people in the spirals. It looks cool.
It looks very cool!

"Drawing Hands"

The hands are drawing themselves inside the picture.


It's kinda like a maze. The guy is there and then there and upside down!


It looks cool! And, the artist didn't plan it out!


He drew himself using a mirrored ball,
then he drew himself in the ball and his own hand holding the ball.
So it's a self portrait!

Isn't my daughter awesome!

April 24, 2010

Bragging Post #2

"Centennial's Got Talent"

Madeline and Maggie photo op before the show.

Maggie is on the left, her friend, Madeline is on the right!

They had such a fun time! The crowd really got into it!

I love watching my kids have fun!

The Bragging Post #1

This was from March. But I just kept forgetting to get it on the computer!

Lilli's choir had the opportunity to sing for Music Week at the Capital Building!

What memories that brought for me. AHHHHH, singing for Mr. Totorica, good stuff!

They did so good! I especially loved watching their faces as they looked around this beautiful building!

April 15, 2010

Some Outdoor Fun

Emily has been riding Katie's tricycle lately!
It doesn't bug Katie at all, because she pretty much refuses to peddle!
Maybe this summer she will get it! Until then, have fun, Em!

This shot was taken to show silly Maggie in Katie's baby swing!
She was a little embarrassed that I was taking the picture, hence she didn't look at the camera!
But, I love that all the kids were having fun, and being good!

They played outside for hours!!! It was soooo nice,
especially since I was inside miserable with a nasty cold and cough!
What good kids I have!

And, Last...... MY TULIPS!!!
I am so grateful for spring, and beautiful flowers!

Joe's BIG Toy

Who says old things can't become NEW again?!!!
"Big Red" had a little cosmetic surgery this week!!!

Now she's "Bigger Red"

Joe is pretty extatic about it!!!

Look at how little Katie looks beside the tires!
It was a very fun day!
WE all can't wait to show up at church this Sunday with the biggest rig!
(Well, besides Janet's rig, that is)

April 6, 2010

A Dancing Fool

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to go watch Maggie during her dance classes.
This event is so named, "Watch-Week".
She never ceases to amaze me. Her poise, her flexibility, her attitude...
She IS a Dancer, through and through!
1st, Jazz class, with her AWESOME teacher, and academy director, Alexis Langworthy!
Maggie loves her to death!
Her face just lights up when she's dancing! I know this is what she wants to be doing!

Check out the concentration on her face!!!
She does this tongue thing when she is really trying to get it perfect.
I saw it again and again...especially with she did her leaps! SO CUTE!

Here's a high kick that she gets to do in her recital performance!
She is the only dancer in this class that gets to do it!
She feels really privileged!

Next, Ballet. Teacher, Miss Sarah.

Maggie gets a bit bored in this class,
mostly because the teacher thinks they are 5, and makes them listen to Disney crap!
I was bored, and tired when this class was over.
Maggie was beautiful!

I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to give
Maggie the opportunity to develop her talents!
We love our little DANCING FOOL!

I've Been Tagged

Okay, so here's what you have to do.

Go to your 1st pictures file and upload the 10th picture.

My 1st picture files start in 2005, but I only have 7 digital images from that year.

So, I chose to upload image 10 from 2006, my 2nd picture folder on my computer.

This image is Emily, in May at her Grandma's House! What a cute baby she was!

Now it's your turn!!!!

I tag.....

Carlie McClellan

Kris Hankins

Lindy Martineau

Lindsay Hurst